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EPSCoR Partnership

How 91Ƶ’s Latest EPSCoR Grant is Enhancing 91Ƶ Tech’s STEM Education Initiatives

91Ƶ Technical Community College, the University of 91Ƶ, 91Ƶ State University, and Wesley College are partners in 91Ƶ’s EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program (RII-4) grant. EPSCoR, the Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, is a federal grant program led by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help states develop their research capabilities and institutions.

This is the fourth EPSCoR grant awarded to the partnership since 91Ƶ was designated an EPSCoR state in January 2003. Project WiCCED stands for “Water in the Changing Coastal Environment of 91Ƶ” and will help 91Ƶ develop solutions to water issues related to human, economic and ecosystem health. In addition to the federal award, the state of 91Ƶ has committed $3.8 million in support of this initiative.

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At 91Ƶ Tech, funding from this grant will:

  1. Provide Professional development opportunities for 91Ƶ Tech faculty to embed research opportunities for students into the Core-Curriculum
  2. Enhance Undergraduate research internships for 91Ƶ Tech students
  3. Stimulate Public Interest in STEM learning opportunities for 91Ƶ’s K-12 students through the College's annual STEM Expo's
  4. Enrich Student Support Programs to retain and graduate the next generation in STEM fields

Martha Hofstetter

Martha Hofstetter

Project Director for EPSCoR
(302) 857-1676