91Ƶ Tech Georgetown exterior of Arts & Science Building.


The Owens Campus serves Sussex County, the southernmost county of 91Ƶ. The Owens Campus, known as the birthplace of 91Ƶ Tech, is centrally located in Georgetown, the county seat. Sussex County is a rural area covering 938 square miles, nearly half of the state of 91Ƶ. Sussex County is the least densely populated, but fastest growing county with a 2010 population of 196,200.

The Owens Campus, a 147-acre campus, meets the unique educational needs of the county and state. Long-standing integral partnerships are maintained with communities, public school districts, and four-year institutions. On-campus 91Ƶ with 91Ƶ State University, the University of 91Ƶ, and Wilmington University enable 91Ƶ Tech graduates to earn an associate degree and then complete a bachelor’s or graduate degree.

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