Amanda Saitis, MSM

Medical Assistant

Helping others is something that Amanda Saitis values in life. That’s what led her to 91Ƶ Technical Community College.

Saitis originally came to 91Ƶ Tech in pursuit of a dental hygiene degree, but quickly realized that the program wasn’t the right fit for her. After meeting with her advisor, she discovered the medical assistant program. “I learned it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the healthcare field and how to help others,” she said. Prior to enrolling at 91Ƶ Tech, she worked in customer service and retail; this background gave her a leg up when learning about the administrative side of the medical assistant profession.

When reflecting on her time at 91Ƶ Tech, Saitis recalled how much she enjoyed her classes. “I made great friends in my medical assistant courses that I still have to this day,” she said. “The instructors were amazing, and I really enjoyed attending classes.” She continued, “91Ƶ Tech really taught me a lot about caring for others. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience I had; I was able to use up-to-date equipment that was used in the doctor’s offices I worked in later.”

Since becoming a 91Ƶ Tech alumna, Saitis was employed as a medical assistant with ChristianaCare for seven years. She then began pursuing an allied health bachelor’s degree and a healthcare administration management master’s degree from Wilmington University. “After leaving ChristianaCare, I came to BAYADA Home Health Care and worked as a recruiting manager hiring CNAs (certified nursing aides) and HHAs (home health aides) for five years,” she said.

Saitis now works as director of Bayada’s office in Milford, and her time at 91Ƶ Tech prepared her for this chapter of her career. “I feel that the things I learned at 91Ƶ Tech really set the foundation for my experience in healthcare,” she said. “It really taught me to listen, be patient, be understanding, and be intentional. Caring for a vulnerable population really makes you stop and think about the importance of being reliable, dependable, and communicative; I learned those values during my time at 91Ƶ Tech.”

Saitis loves giving back to her community, and frequently gets involved with local fundraising events for children and the senior population. During the holidays, she financially supports children from an orphanage in Dover.

Amanda Saitis, MSM
Amanda Saitis

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Medical Assistant

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